Crossing the borders

Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport

One of the best and most comfortable options for getting from Dubrovnik Airport to Tivat Airport is by car transfer. Depending on whether it is peak or low season, the ride usually lasts between 1 and a half hours in the wintertime or 3 hours in the summertime. Crossing the border can sometimes take a lot of time as well, due to the long queues. There are two borders between the two countries, a main crossing Debeli Brijeg (MNE) – Karasovici (CRO) and alternative Njivice(MNE) – Konfin(CRO).

Now let’s explain a little about them. The first is the main border between Montenegro and Croatia, and many people use it only because it is part of the Adriatic Highway and it is long approximately 5 km between the two checkpoints. The second one, Njivice- Konfin is much smaller and for locals, it represents a secret option when is too crowded on the first one. The busiest months are July and August, crossing the border in the other months is faster around 20 minutes. In any case, the beauties of both countries will leave you speechless, so please do not be tempted to move in any direction.

General Montenegro info

Ferry over bay of Kotor

Ferry over bay of Kotor

Useful information for Montenegro is that the country is using the euro as their official currency, although they are not still a member of the EU (so far just a member of NATO). Montenegro is an independent country since 2006. It is a small country with 670 000 inhabitants only. Many people call it “Never Land”. Well, I guess you heard a joke about Montenegrin and Dalmatian people. They are the laziest people in the world. We guess that is because of the climate, food, small cities, and easy life. 

Once you cross the border, you will have a mesmerizing image in front of you. Boka Bay (Bay of Kotor), part of Montenegro is one of the 20 most beautiful bays in the world. It’s a unique fiord of the Mediterranean, with four small connected bays within. This bay was the subject of many poems, praises, and glories. The Bay is penetrating 28 km into the Montenegrin mountains. After you pass the first city of the bay – Herceg-Novi, there are two ways for reaching Tivat. In the narrowest part of the bay around 300 meters wide, there is a ferry functioning on every 20 minutes level, taking you from Kamenari (Herceg Novi part) to Lepetani (Tivat part). This is saving your time in case you are in a hurry to catch your plane. The other option is to go around the bay, passing through Risan and Kotor and reaching Tivat through the tunnel. This journey is much longer and takes around 45 minutes, however, you do not pay for the ferry ticket and you will certainly not regret it. Of course, due to the practicality of the trip, we decided on the ferry, but if the guest’s wishes are different, we are flexible.


Tivat Montenegro

Tivat Montenegro

In case you have still time to spend before the flight, we would suggest visiting ’Gornja Lastva’, a place with great rural architecture and cultural heritage, where we would have a great lunch with “zucenica” and fish – one of the best local specialties as a salad. The driver will recommend you the charming Porto Montenegro, a luxury yacht port that made Tivat regionally famous. This stunning yacht marina is full of beautiful boats and superyachts, as well as restaurants and cafes. It is connected to Pine, the sea waterfront that is the center of Tivat, also very famous and pleasant. On your way to Airport Tivat, we will make a quick stop for Solila natural resort famous for bird watching. Airport Tivat is small, so do not worry about getting lost. Even 45 minutes coming before the flight departure can be enough. So, have a safe flight and come back soon! 



2024 prices per vehicle, include tax, tolls, parking and ferries (DBV to Tivat Airport)

Route - one wayDistanceStandard carStandard 7 seats vanLuxury 6 seats van
Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to Tivat (including Tivat Airport TIV)49 km199 eur229 eur269 eur
City of Dubrovnik to Tivat (including Tivat Airport TIV)70 km199 eur229 eur269 eur

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