What to do if you have some time left before boarding a flight at Dubrovnik Airport? Here are a few easy to do interesting tips, not too crowded, and easy to reach from Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik airport.

Konavle valley region


Roastel Lamb - Konavle dish

Roastel Lamb – Konavle dish

First of all, we will start with more information about the Konavle valley where Dubrovnik airport is situated, and give you some good advice about what to visit. This is a destination you cannot omit if you are a devotee of nature, active holiday, wine and food, or hidden places. It offers peaceful surroundings, an excellent restaurant, and the hap

piness of wine tasting. On the other hand, it offers hikinghorseback riding, hiking school, cycling or maybe just lying on one of the most attractive beaches in Europe called Pasjaca.


Dining in Konavle


Cilipi village, only 5 minutes by car from Dubrovnik Airport, is known for its traditional folk dance ‘konavonski lindjo’, very special for its costumes by men and women, performed each Sunday morning. 15 minutes ride from the Airport you may continue and enjoy a traditional lunch in a restaurant ‘KonavonskiDvori’. This restaurant, besides the amazing food, offers you a great environment to enjoy the whole treat. It is the first green restaurant in Croatia. They are trying to use organic food in the preparation of dishes, ecological mobile equipment, sustainable building materials, the effective use of water, and for now they are doing a great job.


Winetasting in Konavle


Crvik Wines - Konavle

Crvik Wines – Konavle

If you are a lover of wines, we would suggest a wine tasting tour through the Konavle region. In our opinion, the best option for tasting wine is in the ‘Crvik winery‘. The winery is located in a picturesque village of Komaji, close to the airport, in a green oasis between Konavle field on one side and the sea on the other. Within the village, there are small karst fields 100-500 meters wide, which extend from Cavtat to Vitaljina, known as Konavle’s crvenica. They are growing the wine as their family tradition for 100 years, so you will not be disappointed.


Hidden gem – Pasjaca Beach



Pasjaca Beach - Konavle

Pasjaca Beach – Konavle

In Dalmatia, after a portion of good food and wine comes rest, and where else rather than in a hidden paradise, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe – Pasjaca. It is situated in the village Popovici, close to Dubrovnik Airport, and from the main road may be a bit hard to find. Stay persistent!



Cavtat - Konavle

Cavtat – Konavle

10 minutes away from Dubrovnik Airport, there is a picturesque small town called Cavtat. It is situated between the Adriatic Sea and Snijeznica mountain on the two peninsulas Rat and Sustjepan. This place is unique for a clean environment, rich vegetation, and great cultural heritage. In the summertime, there is plenty of nice beaches that you can enjoy in, as well the longest promenade in this area 7km long. Do not miss Sipuns cave.  Fine dining or just a great coffee location is easy to find in Cavtat.


Shopping in Dubrovnik Sub City mall



Dubrovnik SubCity shopping

Dubrovnik SubCity shopping

What is a trip without shopping? We suggest you Dubrovnik Subcity Mall in village Srebreno in Zupa Dubrovacka, only 12 minutes drive from Dubrovnik Airport. There you can find some traditional or worldwide famous brands like H&M, CCC, TOM TAILOR or just take a nice walk via the promenade nearby. 2 hours of free parking is available in the underground Subcity Mall garage.

Dubrovnik panorama from Srdj hill


If you missed this attraction during your Dubrovnik vacation this is your last call. Views to Dubrovnik Old City from Hill Srdj are extraordinary. No matter if you already did the cable car ride, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset there while drinking a nice cup of coffee in Panorama café. From the hill Srd, you not only see the whole of Dubrovnik but the islands nearby so the atmosphere is complete.

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Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to Zaton, Orasac (Sun Gardens hotel)33 km59 eur69 eur79 eur

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