One of the worst situations on a trip is the loss of luggage. We will give you some advice on what to do in these situations, how to behave and who to contact first if this happens in Dubrovnik.

First of all, you need to find the lost and found baggage area at Dubrovnik Airport and claim to them your lost luggage. That airline is ultimately responsible for delivering your bag to you, even if the bag never made it into its system.

You may need to report the missing bag to a contract agency that works with multiple airlines and fill in the ‘File Lost Property Report’, with all your contact details, accommodation details, or any other that can be useful to find your bag. The InstaFile team of Service Agents are real people who are acting on your name using the resources while following individual airport and airline processing procedures. There are several numbers at Dubrovnik Airport, but in this case, the most important one is for lost and found +385 20 773 328, and the email address for any kind of report and question is [email protected]. If you cannot manage to use this one, you can easily try the information board on several telephone numbers: +385 20 773 100; +385 20 773 377; +385 20 773 333 and the e-mail address: [email protected] .

One of the things you can do is to go online and use the PIR reference number to ensure that your luggage has been placed on World Tracer, which is the global system used to track luggage. Ensure the details on this are correct. Provide a detailed description of the size, color, and material of the bag, including any identifying tags. Please ensure the report has your local address and contact information and be sure to get the phone number of the lost luggage desk, as well as some type of reference or tracking number. Keep a copy of your PIR or written confirmation to help with your claim.


Where to shop around Dubrovnik Airport


Anyway, until your luggage come you can do nothing despite some good shopping.

Dubrovnik SubCity shopping

Dubrovnik SubCity shopping

The nearest shopping mall, just 12 minutes away by car from Dubrovnik airport is situated in the village Srebreno in Zupa Dubrovacka and it is called Dubrovnik Sub City. Depends on the luggage you lost, but this shopping mall can cover all your desires. If you are hungry, and you don’t want to stay too long just take some food or beverage from ‘Konzum’ food hypermarket. Parking the car is free for 2 hours. On the first floor, you can visit H&MTom Tailor, and New Yorker international brands for clothes, Muller and DM for cosmetics and food, Yamamay for underwear necessities. There are a couple of shops for shoes like CCC and Mass. Of course, if you decide on a cup of coffee there is a place to chill out.

Do not worry and do not panic, we hope this shopping helps you a bit to distress. Anyway, it is very rare for the luggage to be completely lost. Most of the luggage is returned within 2-3 days. Fingers crossed!

2024 prices per vehicle, include tax, tolls, parking and ferries (DBV to Dubrovnik)

Route - one wayDistanceStandard carStandard 7 seats vanLuxury 6 seats van
Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to City of Dubrovnik (Old Town, hotels, port, ACI marina)21 km45 eur55 eur65 eur
Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) to Zaton, Orasac (Sun Gardens hotel)33 km59 eur69 eur79 eur

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